Monday, July 30, 2012


July is coming to an end and it makes me sad.  I've had a pretty good month, averaging about $15 an hour, which I hear is good for 1-2 & 1-3NL.  I HAD been averaging about $20/hr. but the last 2 days have been horrible.  Still a winning month overall, plus I still have 2 days left to make it even better.

I think I have been controlling my tilt a little better at the tables.  I have been reading The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler & think it is awesome.  That, along with subscriptions to Crush Live Poker by Bart Hansen & Stack Em Coaching have helped transform my game & approach.

Anyway, on to life.  I flew back to Houston last weekend to surprise my 5 year old for her birthday.  I had an incredible time with both my girls, taking them to Chuck E. Cheese for Ashley's birthday & Toys R Us for birthday presents.  The best times were when we would be back at their house - the wife was good enough to let me stay with them, thanks K! - watching TV & Ashley would crawl up the couch & lay with me.  She'd tell me she loved me & how much she missed me.  I'm grateful to have such an affectionate daughter.  She bawled when they took me to the airport, which broke my heart.  She tried telling K that she was "going with Daddy.  I'll be back in 3 days."  Oh how I wish.  I miss that little stinker.

I have decided I'm fat enough & am going to do something about it.  It's so bad now that when I walk from the parking garage to most poker rooms my lower back starts to hurt.  Plus when I saw that picture of Antonio Esfandiari & me I was appalled.  It never looks that bad in the mirror!  So I have found a gym at UNLV, which is literally 3 minutes away.  I haven't visited it yet but plan to either Tuesday or Wednesday.  From what I've read it's only $25/month, you can use all the facilities, and you can get personal training at a huge discount.  Now I just need to join, and get there as soon as I wake up in the afternoon.

Along with this weight loss thing I am going to attempt to eat more organic foods.  Or let me say, less processed foods.  That includes bread, pastas, chips, basically shit that needs to be made.  I will try to eat more living stuff: fruits, veggies, red meat, chicken, fish.  I will be purchasing a George Foreman to help cook some stuff.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I'm ready to put in the work.  I plan on keeping everyone updated on here as to how it goes.  Just writing about poker stuff is kind of boring anyway.

I guess that's all from Vegas.  Thanks for reading!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Outta Here

I'm leaving for the airport in a few minutes.  Heading to Houston to surprise my 5 year old for her birthday.  I will be without the laptop so no posts until I get back - like I make a lot anyway.  I'll probably post a trip report when I get back, although it will be lacking in poker content.  Peace guys.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Figuring Things Out

As the title suggests things might be coming together, and a lot of the things some of you were saying early on are proving to be true.  I play a tighter game than when I arrived.  I am also playing shorter sessions.  If I get up $150-$300 early I cut the session even shorter, then move on.  I am no longer "afraid" to get up after only an hour or two.  If I want to leave, I do.  Fuck 'em if they don't like it.

There is NO meta-game in 1-2 & 1-3 no limit!  From what I hear, there's no meta-game in 2-5 either.  So I don't over-analyze things anymore.  It's all cut & dry.  I'll still think to put an opponent on a range of hands if the hand plays out kinda weird, but I never think I'm getting leveled.  If I am, good for them.  They bluffed me.  Great.  Enjoy the current pot & get ready to get destroyed later.

I'm realizing I don't need to make rent or get unstuck in one day, let alone one session.  I can make a couple hundred, get out of there, and hit up the next place for a couple hundred.

So for all of you who have been telling me all these things for the past 2 months, thank you.  I think it has finally settled in.  Needless to say I've had a pretty good couple of weeks.  They will hopefully continue to improve as I implement the above criteria.  Thanks again all.  Later!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

June Swoon

Not a lot to report as of late.  The WSOP Main Event is underway, and an old friend from home games in Houston - AJ Jejelowo - is still in and among the chip leaders.  He also won the Southern WSOP Circuit Championship last year, so he has experience in these situations.  Let me publicly say good luck to him, and I hope he finishes this out.

I got to see another buddy from Houston play on Day 2, Dwain Capodice.  We played together at Chris Chancellor's game in Houston.  Sorry I was there to see your QQ run into KK.  I kind of feel responsible.  My bad luck runneth over.

As some of you know June was a terrible month for me, ending as an overall loser.  I am happy to report I have fixed some leaks - I think - and have turned things around for July.  I am trying to play tighter for the most part, not push things, and wait patiently for decent hands.  There's not really a lot of meta-game in 1-2 or 1-3NL.  I found myself sort of out-leveling myself in June, thinking these idiots were outplaying me or making moves.  You can't think on the 4th or 5th level if these morons can't get off the 1st level.  It just doesn't work.

I have also changed my stop-loss & stop-win parameters.  I will now stop if I either 1)lose my initial buy in all in, 2)lose half my initial buy in by bleeding it away, 3)double my buy in if the table is tough, & 4)triple my buy in at a soft table.  I figure to leave sooner when losing because my image is probably shit by then, and why continue to play with a shitty image when I can just move to another room & build a good image?

On a personal note I will be flying into Houston July 19-22 to surprise my 5 year old daughter for her birthday.  She has no idea I'm coming.  Should be a great time.  I'm also probably taking one night to meet up with some of my friends, so hit me up soon if you want to do dinner or something.

Sorry for the long delay in between posts but sometimes I just don't know what to talk about.  Gimme some suggestions my 4 readers!  Later!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Out with the Grrouch

After last night's adventures I was planning on a relaxing day running errands, grocery shopping, and probably a haircut.  However, upon waking (at 4:00pm), I check the twatter account & see my fellow blogger Grrouchie was eager to play a little pokah.  Being that I'm a social creature I happily obliged, and after a (healthy, not really) dinner at BLT in the Mirage, I set out to Bally's, where the games are significantly softer.

I arrived about 5 minutes before him, taking the 5 seat at table 4, while he got seated at table 9.  About 30 minutes later he gets moved to my table, directly to my left.  The shit talking started immediately as either he or I raised every other hand for about 5 orbits.  I was trying a looser style brought upon by watching my friend Raj at Harrah's last night.  It generally seems to keep the other players confused & irritated, thinking how can this guy have a hand every time, so they play back at you when you actually HAVE a hand.

This goes on for a couple hours.  I slowly built my stack up by about $50 to $100 when I get a guy to shove AK on a Q hi board into my AA.  Bingo!  Loose style working like a charm.  I also watched Grrouchie take one in the butt as his turned straight got rivered by a boat, and he lost about a buy in on the hand.  For the night he only lost a few bucks, while I won over a buy in.  Good start to the night.

We parted ways as he has a real job - sucker! - and has to be there at 6am.  I went on to Harrah's to log in more hours for the freeroll tournament on Sunday, in which you only need 15 hours of live play to participate.  I get my seat and immediately start raising.  I take down a few small pots before flopping two pair with the mighty Wulf (35 soooted) and taking a decent pot off a guy.  Then things went downhill.

First I double up a guy who bought in for around $175 when I completely went brain dead and over-thought things, totally leveling myself into shoving into this guy's full house.  Why do I feel the need to think on the 5th or 6th level when these idiots can barely think on 2 levels?  Guess it was another case of tilting & another Stump blow up (pardon the infringement Mr. Matusow).  Not 30 minutes later I do the same thing & stack off to KK with my TT when the board read out QJ9x, trying to hit my straight on the river like a fish.  Oh I was so mad at myself.

Damn, when am I ever going to quit overthinking things & just play ABC poker?  Especially at these levels?  With these morons at Harrah's?  It's not like they're tougher competition at like Aria, Venetian, or the like.  Maybe one day.  Until then I might look into dealer schools to learn blackjack or craps & get my foot in the door at a casino.  I'll learn poker later in January when classes start up.  Who knows.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Losing Night but Enjoyable Ending

So I just got home from playing a session at Harrah's where, on my last hand, my JJ lost to TT when TT flopped a set (as usual) and I doubled him up.  And I was hoping that all that bad luck would have ended with June....  Oh well.

I got a text from one of my Houston poker buddies named Raj, telling me he & a couple other guys were gonna be driving through town.  I told him I was at Harrah's & to stop on by.  So after he busted out of the 10pm daily Deepstack at the Rio he cabbed it over.  It was great to see a familiar face from the old stomping ground.  He quickly bought into the 1-2 game and sat to my immediate right, so we could bullshit.

Long story short he more than doubled his money when his AA held against KK all in pre (how does he do that???).  I doubled up that shorty shortly after, leaving me with only $47, so I decided to call it a night.  He asked if I wanted to go to Bellagio, out to eat, a strip club, ANYTHING instead of going back to his room at the Orleans.  On the road he convinced me to stop in at Girls Girls Girls, Vince Neil's strip club directly across the street from Orleans.  His treat.  How could I resist?

About 4 drinks, 4 lap dances in the VIP section from the lovely (oh shit what was her name???) and exchanged pleasantries later, I was all better.  Thanks Raj!  You really know how to cheer a guy up!

So here I am at 5am, watching the intro to Wimbledon on ESPN, still half drunk, typing this recap of the night.  I guess things could be worse.  Have a great day all!  Probably taking the day off then hitting it hard on Tuesday.  Peace!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

July=New Start

After the horrible month that was June I am looking forward to July & new beginnings.  Selfishly I have not blogged in a while because I was steaming too much & didn't feel I had too much to share.  But after meeting some of my "fellow" bloggers at both the AVP Meet & the TBC Meet I have decided to get back at it.

I want to blog more about my mental state in poker as well as general goings on around Las Vegas. I would like this blog to be more theraputic for me personally, even though I am putting it out there in public.  I have been reading Jared Tendler's book in an attempt to get more in touch with why I tilt & want to berate other fish for their awful play, which lately has ended up losing me money.

A quick update of the month of June, which I want to forget as soon as possible: ended up losing almost $900 in play, along with my expenses made it a terrible month.  Bankroll is still strong, around $13k, so I'm not completely stressing yet.  I was going to start taking shots at 2-5 at $15k but went back on a losing streak.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and jump back on the bandwagon!